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Styles of Bras

The size of bra is important but for any special occasion you have to think about the style of bras. Here we are giving some styles of bras popular in all societies.

Want to look fuller in the bust? Resist the temptation to wear a bra that’s a size too small. Instead, try a push-up bra. It’s designed to push your breasts inwards and upwards to create a better cleavage under those plunging necklines.

BalconetteA balconette is a sexy style of bra with a low neckline that goes straight across the bust. It has wide set straps for a square neckline. The cups are seamed to push the bust upwards to give a shelf like appearance similar to the look created by a corset. Non padded balconettes create less of a cleavage than the padded versions, but they still have a square neckline. On larger cup sizes the neckline may be higher.

Molded braSo-called because the cup is molded from a single piece of foam or fabric – so that it’s seamless.

T-shirt braLike a moulded bra, a t-shirt bra’s cups are seamless.What makes it a t-shirt bra is the thickness: a t-shirt brahas a level of padding to ensure that your nipples do not show through when you’re wearing a figure hugging top.

Half cup
Lingerie manufacturers do not always agree on what makes a half cup bra but as a general rule, it’s one where the cup stops just above the nipple. Known in the US as a demi bra, it is generally more suitable for smaller cup sizes. However, larger cup brands are becoming increasingly skilled at creating supportive bras that give a good impression of a half cup.
full cupAgain, lingerie manufacturers don’t always agree onwhat makes a full cup, but a full cup bra is generallyone where the cups cover the entire breast.

Soft cup or soft bra
A soft cup bra is one without an underwire. Maternity and sports bras tend to be soft cups, and soft cups are also a good solution for teenagers who can’t wear underwired bras while they are still growing, as well as for some larger cup size women who cannot find an underwired bra to fit. If you have a larger back size too, it can be easier to find a well-fitting soft cup bra than one with an underwire. Don’t think that a soft cup bra is necessarily less supportive than its underwired sister – heavily constructed soft cup bras like theTriumph Doreen can be very supportive indeed.

Indispensable under strapless tops and tricky party dresses, a strapless bra deserves a place in every wardrobe. It’s important, though, to get the tension right: too loose, and it won’t give you enough support; too tight and it will pull itself down the ribcage. Many multiway bras have detachable or clear straps and can be worn as a strapless bra as well as a halterneck or with the straps crossed over at the back. Look out too for backless bras, which criss-cross around the waist, and – most unobtrusive of all – the latest self-adhesive solutions that you simply stick to the body. (This is only recommended for smaller cup sizes.)

Sports bra
The breasts are supported by the Coopers ligaments, which stretch when you exercise. Thiscan cause them to sag – and the bad news is thatonce this happens, they will never recover. A goodsports bra, however, can cut breast movement byover 50 per cent.What to look for? A sports bra is designed to provide both comfort and support. Seamless cupsand cushioned fastenings will stop the bra chafing against your skin, while moisture-wicking fabricslike Coolmax® will help keep you cool. As forsupport, look for wide, non-stretch straps, racerbacks and multi-hook fastenings – a sports bra withno fastenings will have more stretch, which makesit less supportive. Most sports bras have a supportlevel rating and are recommended for differentsporting activities. Always check that you have the correct the level for your chosen sport to ensurethat you are properly supported – and as comfortable as possible.

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