Friday, February 4, 2011

Avon Fragrances 2011

Perfume Country has all of the following brands and more. Take a look at my review of these popular perfumes and colognes.
Women’s Deals
Regines by Regines for Women – At under $40, Perfume Country has a great deal in store for you. This perfume has a light, airy smell that really hits the pleasure center of the the brain. Recommended
Poeme by Lancome for Women -This stuff retails for $70 and up. Perfume Country has it for under $50. The name is quite fitting as the scent has a wispy way of reaching out and gently grabbing passersby, while lightly lingering in a room afterward. Recommended
Volupte by Oscar De La Renta for Women – This perfume rings in at under $40 and rightly so. I can’t rightly recommend this stuff, as the scent is just a little too pungent for my tastes. My husband actually agrees with me saying it was just a little too strong, and their was something he couldn’t quite put his finger on that turned him off. Not Recommended.
2011 Avon Fragrances Obsession by Calvin Klein for Women – This is another lower priced Perfume Country offer, that is under $40. Unlike the Volupte, I would have to say this trademark scent is a little under-priced. Obsession is a strong scent, that doesn’t overwhelm like a musk would. Highly Recommended
Eternity Purple Orchid by Calvin Klein for Women – Perfume Country is currently advertising a 40% off sale on this perfume right now. It’s an OK scent. I personally wouldn’t wear it because it is a somewhat “flowery” scent, which I don’t tend to wear. However, I’ll recommend it for the price and because I don’t hate it — I just wouldn’t personally wear it. Recommended
Men’s Deals
Joop Rococco by Joop for Men – There is a massive blow out going on with this stuff right now. Perfume Country is selling it at 70% off their regular price. This is a real “classy” smell for a man, yet not over-powering. Highly Recommended
Fahrenheit by Christian Dior for Men – I have always loved this Christian Dior cologne. It really makes me go wild when I smell it on a man and I always recognize it. This stuff smells amazing. Highly Recommended

Jaguar by Jaguar for Men – Jaguar is a name that most people will recognize and it smells OK. It isn’t my thing, but it isn’t the worst smell either. I’m sort of neutral when it comes to this cologne. Neutral
Desire by Dunhill for men – Another so so male fragrance in my books. The name “Desire” is in my mind a little deceptive, however it’s only one woman’s opinion. It’s a cheap cologne and the price fits the quality in my book. This stuff would make for just as good an after-shave if you ask me. Not Recommended
Mambo by Liz Claiborne – Like the Desire, Mambo is a lower priced cologne at PerfumeCountry. I actually really love this stuff and feel it could sell for much more. It’s a light, yetpowerful smell that draws you in quickly. Not over-whelming, yet very strong at the same time. Under $40. Recommended

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