Friday, February 18, 2011

Fall into Fashion: Avon

Belted Dress ($19.99) Accessorized with Zip Up Bag ($34.99).Oh My Goodness! I am in LOVE with the Fall line-up for Avon. You know theMomBuzz has a thing for Avon by now, right? I am THRILLED with the collection, which has some chic pieces, as well as those inspired by animals. Rowr.
Normally I am all a-buzz about the jewelry and accessories – and don’t worry, I’ll get there. But they have some super simple dresses that can go from day-to-night with a swap of accessories. Plus one gorgeous Slim Wear Leopard Print Dress that is designed to flatter any figure. First, the day-to-night dress. It is a Belted Print Dress with shades of purple and splashes of pink and white. You can use the included belt to cinch it around your waist, but I prefer to tie it only in the back, giving me a more hourglass figure. You can wear the dress as-is with some flats, like the adorable cushion walk micro wedge loafer, and leggings. Or pump it up with the cushion walk Button Up Bootie and some serious sparkle – like the faceted jet floral necklace and complementing earrings.
Animal Magnetism Ring
I wore my belted dress to my son’s school orientation. I paired it with my Sofft Fiona heels, my hair pulled back and frizz free thanks to Lotus Shield and some appropriate “visiting school” make-up. LOVED IT!
Let’s get into some jewelry. Okay, see this Animal Magnetism Ring? It’s available in either a Turtle or Gator option. Tell me, why do I just love this Gator? It’s like I made a new friend to give me some sparkle and shine throughout any event.The ring is adjustable so it can fit almost any ring size. When you meet Gator, you’ll love him too.
There is also a purse I have to mention. Uhm. Yah. See the picture (top, right)? Isn’t it fabulous? It has a sheen to it, like it was made of satin. Lots of zippers to add an edgy feel. So it’s tough, yet feminine. It really goes awesome with that Belted Print Dress I wore above. And lots of room to hold everything you would need, whether you are out as a mom (snacks, change of kid’s clothes, handheld games) or with friends (digital camera, Flip Video Camera, Cash for Shots) or out with your man (I don’t think you need a lot other than your wallet and some touch-up make-up, but the bag is too fabulous not to carry.)
Finally, if you need a splash of color – aim for your wrist. I know that my right hand/arm feels so naked sometimes, while my left is adorned with wedding rings, anniversary bands and a watch. So giving it a little something with color is just nice. Avon has these really cool Cabochen Stretch Bracelets for only $19.99 in an emerald green or sapphire blue. -Drool- Really.Must.Have.
So, those are my top picks from Avon right now. I had a party the other weekend where my friends and I got to play dress up when a CAbi Fashion Consultantcame by and showed us some Fall outfits. I thought that the purse and accessories would add to the excitement, showing how you can mix and match to really add some excitement to the outfits. So yes, AVON products helped complete some fashions we were creating.
If you like any of the AVON fashions that I buzzed here, then you will want to contact your local AVON representative. They are not hard to find – just visit And get this – I am just so slow. Did you know that you can follow Avon on Facebook AND TWITTER! OMG! I am their newest fan/follower! Get on their social networks to stay up-to-date on fashionable clothes and accessories and prices everyone can afford!

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