Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sexy models unveil Avon's new summer collection

MANILA, Philippines - Local celebrities Ruffa Gutierrez and Bianca Gonzalez led the unveiling of Avon Fashions' newest collection of intimate apparel, jewelry and accessories, adding style and sizzle to the summer heat.
Gutierrez, an Avon endorser for three years, hosted the fashion show which showcased exciting pieces from the collection's eight styles: Kaleidoscope Summer, Tutti Frutti, One Love, Spring Fantasy, Ode to Leaves, Pool Party, Bouquet of Memories, and Black Rose.
"I'm proud to speak for a brand that offers high-quality products and allows Filipinas to be fashionable while being practical. And that's important nowadays, to be a sensible fashionista," she said.
Good morning. Avon Fashions style ambassador Ruffa Gutierrez and new Avon Mix endorser Bianca Gonzalez say "good morning" to guests during the launch of Avon Fashions' 2010 summer collection on Wednesday night. It has been common practice in Avon to say "good morning" at any time of the day as a way of showing the company's sunny disposition.
Gutierrez also welcomed Gonzalez as the new face for Avon Mix jewelry and accessories, a brand that features pieces for casual and everyday wear.
"If you want to be elegant like me, buy my accessories. If you want to be playful and fun, buy Bianca's accessories. If you're rich, buy both," Gutierrez said, drawing laughter from the audience.
"Being the face of such a big brand is indeed flattering. I'm ecstatic to be representing the Avon Mix jewelry and accessories line. I'm excited to share this news and give my fashionista fans the chance to try these new pieces," Gonzalez shared.
There are about 9 million Avon representatives worldwide, almost equal to the whole of Manila's population, according to Avon Philippines president and general manager Mike Gudgin.
This, he said, helped their company understand women more. "Nobody knows women better than Avon, that's why we are able to get to produce these products that appeal to women from around the world," Gudgin said.
Here are the eight styles featured in Avon Fashions' 2010 Summer Collection:
Kaleidoscope Summer. This collection features underwear and accessories in hot pink, orange, neon, and geometric prints. Style and function also marry in this collection with the strap-interchangeable functionality in the Crystal Color Blaze watch and the Color Shock Switch Flop.

Tutti Frutti. This collection reflects the youthful spirit with color-saturated and polka dot-splattered designs. Tutti Frutti also has colorful bags and sorbet-decorated jewelry that can spruce up summer outfits.

One Love. This collection has a laid-back 70s vibe, with underwear and accessories in purples and greens fused with accents of yellow. One Love also features hobo bags, wedge shoes and big gem jewelry.

Spring Fantasy. Delicate and feminine, this collection features aqua-colored pieces with lilac and purple accents. Spring Fantasy also features sandals with interchangeable flower and ribbon accessories.

Ode to Leaves. This collection features organic-inspired pieces in olive green and orange. Weekender bags, flats, and underwear are dominated by leafy accents and flower designs, while Ode to Leaves jewelry are designed with freshwater pearls and small octant stones.

Pool Party. This collection exudes the summer vibe with fashion pieces dipped in different shades of blue. It also features a number of pool essentials such as gladiator sandals and a tote bag that changes color under the sun.

Bouquet of Memories. This collection features pieces that are timeless and romantic, with pink-colored lace underwear and jewelry lined with CZ stones.

Black Rose. This collection features black-colored pieces with gold and floral accents. Black Rose's Fabulous Bloom jewelry collection exudes sophistication with pearls and gold rosettes

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