Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Avon has dominated the beauty category on a global level whether salon products like theAdvanced Techniques lotus shield (best frizz control product) or the increasingly popular among my generation, mark makeup line. Awhile back I was invited to an Avon summer preview, so naturally, without looking too much into the invite, I assumed it’d be new beauty products. Upon arriving to the Avon showroom, I was welcomed by a pleasant surprise – a room full of summer dresses, jewelry, accessories and shoes!
Now, if your only experience with Avon is through your mom or grandma, you might expect the clothes to target an older demographic….not in this case! They sent guests home with an adorable boho maxi dress, gold cuffs, earrings and a summer tote. Check out the dress and some of the jewelry:
As shown in the top picture of this post, I receive the pair of AMAZING, vibrant jewel tone earrings at the Fashion 2.0 anniversary party earlier this summer. Unfortunately for me, I can’t wear most earrings, but I decided to surprise one of my BFF’s, Maggie from San Diego, with the loot when we reunited in Seattle a couple of weeks ago.
Avon also have shoes and I’m eyeing these over-the-knee suede boots. They are only $44.99 and comfort is one of the key features. You can check out all of Avon’s fashion offerings (including some cute jewelry for fall) here.

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