Saturday, April 16, 2011

Novuhair hair loss solution

Hair loss has always been a problem for me every time I give birth. It’s not nice leaving strands of hair everywhere I go, especially when I brush it. And somehow I get paranoid about being bald. Hubby tells me that a certain amount of hair fall is normal but it’s not enough for my worries.
According to scientific studies, the other factors contributing to hair loss are hereditary disorder, underlying medical illness, major surgery, hormonal problems, stress, air pollutants, exposure to sunlight, medications and infections.
NOVUHAIR Topical Scalp Lotion
I was glad to be acquainted with this product named Novuhair which has herbal shampoo and topical scalp lotion for problem hair. NOVUHAIR® claims it is the only brand in the market which uses a unique combination of hair growth stimulators such as virgin coconut oil, panax ginseng, centella asiatica, zingiber officinale, aloe barbadensis, biotin, peppermint, lemon grass, rosemary and lavender oils.
According to their official press release. Novuhair accelerates blood circulation in the scalp which helps promote hair growth. By maintaining moisture and providing nourishment to the hair and scalp, it also eliminates dandruff and itchiness.
“In a week’s time, NOVUHAIR® users may already notice a decrease in hair loss. Hair growth becomes evident with regular use of the product. Once desired results are achieved, it may still be used for hair and scalp maintenance.”
A clinical trial conducted last year by renowned hair and scalp expert Dr. Rica Mallari showed a 100% success rate among volunteers who tried the product.. All subjects experienced no progression of hair loss and a decrease in hair shedding. More importantly, no side effects were experienced.
The hair loss solution is currently being exported to Hong Kong and the USA. In the Philippines, it is available in all Cory Quirino World of Wellness stores and Mercury Drug branches nationwide.


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