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Avon perfumes

From a Girl to a Woman – Perfume Effect

The power of perfume brand can’t be describes as “super” or “luxury”. I think that brand is neither good nor bad. The question is only itself’s price tragedy. For best-sold brands, the perfumes they launched aimed at different target customers and influenced by fashion trends of different periods exactly have different tastes, but the essence has something in common. Especially quality of the perfume designer or the flavorists has the crucial effect on the brand power. For example, perfumes of Hermes before 2003 are dignified and low-key, but after the famous flavorist Jean-Claude Ellena came, perfumes from Hermes change the style to simplicity. When Chanel is alive, the scents of perfumes are not proud of their gentleness and sexuality.  No matter no.5 or no.19 is the symbol of independent women.
Lestee Lauder started her career almost with nothing. The unofficial history recorded that she claimed to be a member of high class in society. With the unique American bluntness, the Lestee Lauder perfumes almost featured as “I am the most beautiful one and worship me quickly.” Dior and Guerlain are the innovative experts. They have a lot of fashion products. Yves Saint Lauder is rebellious; Jean Paul Gaultier is sexy and charming; Armani is popular.
Yves Saint Lauder
This year, Lancome launched its new fragrance Magnifique.
That is heatedly discussed and was brought into focus. It is an adult gift that Lancôme sent to young girls who wish to grow up. They choose Anne Hathaway who is in the transition period from a girl to a woman as their spokesman. That makes it to the point.
Anne Hathaway lancome-magnifique

Yellow Perfume—Exchange Lure with Devil

This time, let us talk about”the yellow perfume”. Don’t belittle these yellow perfumes! Many of them are classic. For example,
A world famous perfume tells a pitiful love story about an English Pilot and a Japanese geisha. But the seductive scent ahs no relation with Britain and Japan. That rich scent of charm surely conquered everyone’s heart. The original oriental style actually scares people for its mystery. For Philippine’s perfume, there is wild gentleness in it. And this perfume combines galbanum, jasmine and Bulgaria rose together, smelling sweet and wild. That deserves your collection.
No. 3—Gucci
No. 3—Gucci
For a bottle of perfume kindle your soul, how many reasons do we need? Gucci No. 3 is such a perfume perfectly combined elegance and modernity. It mixes jasmine, rose, narcissus, flower-de-luce with amber and mint and symbolizes the special temperament and style. It reveals a mystical sexuality.
Escape—Calvin Klein
Escape—Calvin Klein
Escape—Calvin Klein
Do you want to get rid of the secular shackles? It presents us a man yearning for freedom, matched with the adventurous spirit of Escape. This perfume represents the unique innovative choice of taste and charm. The oriental scent combines bergamot, grapefruit, needle juniper and Eucalyptus together finally we can experience stable and solid men’s scent from sandalwood and oak.
The classic Intense of Givenchy, the name sound very elegant. Definitely, this is just a gentle and elegant men’s perfume. Classical and modern bottle with shining yellow perfume liquid exactly matches the design concept. Flower fragrance, wood and amber scent deliver calm and peaceful flavor. The pleasant orange and fresh calendula creates vigor. That is sexy and mature.
You being busy with work for the whole day, the most enjoyable thing you can do is caring of your skin, comforting the intense emotion and relaxing. Then you can use perfume matched with your taste to enjoy the rest time of the day.

The Fashion Effect of Perfume

Without perfume, fashion is like the clock not winding up and will be stuck forever.
When we refer to the fashion effect of perfume, every age has its own explanation. Which period on earth is better, we dare to pass a comment for perfume is the life condensing of fashion culture.
Each period live experienced different fashion life, from the late 70s of immersing into library to the early 80s of singing school songs and dancing jubilant disco; from the middle 80s of learning TOEFL, reading novels of Jin Yong and Qiong Yao to the late 80s of learning rock and going down to the sea; from the early 90s of playing shares, divorcing to the middle of swiping card and Multi-level marketing. It seems that the fashion life is ever-changing. The young appears to enjoy busy for them. But today, at the end of the century, they seem to be calm and peaceful confronted with more dazzling and various fashion lives. Maybe it is for they have a lot of choices before to select in front of them.
What is fashion culture? It is people live in this period and are willing to chase after cultural life style. What is fashion perfume? It is the perfume that people live in this period and are willing to express and explain the life they are seeking with. Free and independent fashion life in 20s and 30s in 20th century creates the famous fragrance “Chanel No. 5”. In 50s, the life taste for elegance and nobility launches “Givenchy L’Interdit”. Rebelling of 60s and going back nature of 70s lead to the emerging of “Estee Lauder White Linen”. The thriving of romanticism in 80s boosts the rapid development of perfumes. Pursuing personality in 90s gives perfume more fashion content and excites the prosperity of perfume field.
ever-changing fashion
In the middle of 90s, the thriving of feminism bringing fashion culture makes the unisex perfume gradually popular. Women like the feeling of comfortableness and enchantment that perfume takes, even of the imagination the perfume takes. Women favor to smell the men’s scent. The opposite is also true. Unisex perfume, as a result, becomes very popular. Both men and women wear perfume is the common hobby and fashion trend in 90s. The LK one, Ck be and Polo captive every corner of life. Hence, we can see that perfume out of fashion culture lack of enthusiasm and mark of age and only to disappear in the history—no trace.

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