Thursday, April 21, 2011

Avon Sales Force Grows

Avon Products Inc., a cosmetics company has been coming up with luring incentives to turn the door to door beauty products selling into a more appealing job to resist. The company is hoping to capitalize on the soaring financial pressure on every American household. Avon is offering Gas money and other incentives to distributors to make door to door selling of their product even more appealing. They launched a campaign called “It Pays to be with Avon” the past several months. With the campaign comes incentives for potential employees and existing distributors like gas money, free online sales training and a direct access to financial adviser, Suze Orman. Avon cut the price it usually charges them for its holiday beauty ‘gift bundle’ to increase the ditributor’s profit margin, during these hard times. The holiday beauty gift bundle is a collection of Avon products It is expected to sell most during the holidays. And the distributors are discounted 30%more for these bundles so as to profit more.

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