Monday, April 25, 2011

Fashion Must Haves for Summer 2011

1. Jumpsuits : They are very much ‘IN’ this season, I still have to get mine . They are very much available at Zara, Forever 21 and if you want to just give it a try then you can buy a cheaper one from the local market . My cousin told me they are there at the Colaba causeway in Mumbai and I suppose in Delhi too. You can pair these jumpsuits with jackets and tie a belt around the waist for a casual look. The jumpsuits are great for summers according to me, they are comfy and yet so stylish. Look for a jumpsuit in an easy flowing fabric that falls along your figure and you’ll look great .
jumpsuits+summer+2011 Fashion Must Haves for Summer 2011
Celebrities have been often seen sporting these jumpsuits ,from Victoria Beckhem to Beyonce to Rihanna 
jumpsuits+summer+20111 Fashion Must Haves for Summer 2011
2. Harem Pants: Yes ,they are still in fashion and I hope they always are.They are the most comfortable pants I have ever owned . They are great for those scorching hot days when all you want to do is run away from your skinny denims. Accessorize it with right things and you can even pull it off for a formal event too. Also, I feel harem pants are great while traveling.
harem+pants+summer+2011 Fashion Must Haves for Summer 2011
3. Classic White shirt: A class white shirt was and will always be an essential part of summer clothing. If you still don’t have a white shirt then its high time girl,go get it ! When you don’t know what to wear at all ,the best gamble is to wear a white shirt with your favourite pair of blue denims and VOILA there you go smile Fashion Must Haves for Summer 2011
white+shirt+summer+2011 Fashion Must Haves for Summer 2011
4. Nude shades: I am in love with nude shades these days,they are so soothing and so perfect for summers. It is basically any color that is reminiscent of the lighter skin tone, sorry, for the darker skin tone it would a different name altogether. Nude color therefore is any shade from beige, rosy beige to light sandy brown. Nude shades are all over the place right now,no matter what red carpet event you see,they will always be a handful of celebrities wearing nude shades.
nude+shades+summer+2011 Fashion Must Haves for Summer 2011
5. Bright Colours: The bright color clothing trend is strong for this season- everything from neons to bright coral, red, yellow, emerald and vibrant blues,they have been in nearly most of the spring summer collections of big fashion houses. Normally, I’m quite paranoid about wearing bright clothing, may be because I have seen lot of celebrities making a fashion disaster out of it. Personally I feel it takes a lot of guts to wear bright,bold colours since it makes a statement,if you look at my wardrobe you wouldn’t even find one bright neony colour. But this season I am determined to get atleast 2-3 outfits with bright colours and wear it with confidence
bright+colors+summer+2011 Fashion Must Haves for Summer 2011
6. Maxi dress: The breezy,flowy maxi dress is back makes a return as the dress-of-the-moment for Summer 2010. The season sees a wide variety of fits and fabrics to flatter all ages and shapes. A very on-trend way of wearing a maxi is to team it with pieces that dumb-down the feminine edge. Flat gladiator sandals or platform wedges will toughen-up the look or throw over a safari-style jacket.
maxi+dress+summer+2011 Fashion Must Haves for Summer 2011

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