Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lingerie from the House of Vanita


A few weeks ago, I received an intriguing invite from the House of Vanita which is reported to be Manila’s best-kept lingerie brand. It invited me to an evening celebrating the birth of the contemporary Filipina in the digital age. How to do this? See a fashion show graced for the first time by some alluring members of the Philippine blogosphere.

They all look lovely, don’t they?
House of Vanita - bloggers
Presenting –
Helga Weber
Paula Hermanny swimwear at SWIM Boutique
I know it’s supposed to be the rainy season, but what we’ve been experiencing so far is the extension of summer – bright sunshine and humid days. I wouldn’t be surprised if people still head out to the beach at this time, or make swimming in their condo’s pool a daily exercise. The waters are tempting, and so is investing in swimwear that feels like second skin.
Paula Hermanny Swimwear
I was glad to be introduced recently to the Paula Hermanny brand of swimwear at the SWIM Boutique in Rockwell’s Power Plant Mall (with a branch also in Boracay). The label is proudly Made in Brazil and this should evoke images of the Carnival and Rio’s crowded, magnificent beaches. It doesn’t matter if Paula Hermanny, the designer, grew up in Vitoria, another great beach city in Brazil.

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