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Reese Witherspoon in Jason Wu Spring 2011

Reese Witherspoon in Jason Wu Spring 2011

Reese Witherspoon’s beauty and grace has been captivating us for years, so it’s no surprise that Avon chose the Oscar-winning actress to be an ambassador for the brand. The Avon Foundation for Women threw their 10th Anniversary Gala in New York City and naturally Witherspoon was in attendance.
She chose a strapless black and nude dress from Jason Wu’s Spring 2011 collection and accessorized with black “Chichi” peep-toe heels from Christian Louboutin. A completely elegant and feminine look that looks effortless.
Visit for more information and to purchase Christian Louboutin’s Chichi Heels (retail value $895).
See Witherspoon’s look on the runway below.
*Images courtesy of Getty and Jason Wu.

You’re Invited: Live Twitter Chat with Jillian Dempsey

Tweet this Giveaway | Zoe Saldana and Avon’s “Eternal Magic”

Zoe Saldana has quickly risen through the fashion ranks, to become one of the most stylish women out there. On the heels of the hit movie, Avatar, the starlet is hotter than ever. Her most recent endeavor is the spokesperson for one of Avon’s newest fragrances, Eternal Magic. With this romantic, truly mystifying scent, Saldana invites you to escape into a world of fantasy, and unlock the keys to your Eternal Magic. The ultra feminine scent was inspired by the rare Princess Monaco Rose, a floral woody fragrance which allures the senses with notes of Sheer Violet, Sicilian Bergamot, Pink Peppercorn, Orris, Magnolia Leaves, Creamy Vanilla Warmth, Transparent Woods and Fluffy Cloud Accord.
Saldana states, “I’m very proud to be working with Avon and to be the face of Eternal Magic. It means so much to me to be associated with a company that shares my values and believes in empowering women.” The Eternal Magic collection includes an Eau de Parfum, Shower Gel and Body Lotion. The scents are absolutely stunning, and sophisticated, full of different notes that truly capture the senses.
Would you like to win a 50 ml, 1.7 fl oz Eternal Magic Eau de Toilette Spray, which is available online at AVON, or through an Avon representative, retail value, $24? Enter our raffle* by tweeting the giveaway @POSHGLAM and emailing, subject “Eternal Magic” Please include your name, mailing address and email address.
*Giveaway deadline is June 7, 2010.

Tweet this Giveaway | Avon Glazewear Set

Did you know that Avon’s Glazewear is America’s #1 selling lip gloss? Well, you do now. The company that has been around for years clearly knows how to make a product, and make it right. Avon sells the equivalent of 8 Glazewears every minute, and they are available in 16 high-gloss shades, including a clear SPF15. There are four new customized finishes which include Intense, Sparkle, Shine and Clear.
Lip Gloss is the easy way to perfect your pout and sass up your look with a flirty vibe. Whether you opt for bold shades, a shimmery hue or clear gloss, Avon Glazewear has just the shade for you. Go with a neutral for the day, and amp things up at night. Pair your sexy rimmed eyes with glossy, clear gloss or make a statement in a show-stopping, shiny color. The updated formula leaves your lips looking colored and shiny, never sticky at all.
Would you like to win the Avon Glazewear set, which is available exclusively through Avon representatives (find yours today at Avon)? Enter our raffle* by tweeting the giveaway@POSHGLAM and emailing, subject “Avon Glazewear” Please include your name, mailing address and email address. Everyone loves sexy lips, now get a full set to satisfy all of your color wearing moods.
*Giveaway deadline is May 27, 2010.

POSHGLAM Chats with AVON Scientist

AVON is a beauty line that has become synonymous with classic, quality skincare that is always on the edge of emerging trends in the field. Most recently, AVON introduced their ANEW brand segment. I had the opportunity to speak with Anthony Gonzalez, a Senior Manager in Avon’s Skin Care Product Development Group, who has led the research and developments for the global ANEW and Sun Care brands. The two newest products from AVON include the Reversalist Illuminating Eye System and Renewal Day Cream SPF 25.
The newest anti-aging products include Activinol. Activin is a protein, and Activinol stimulates collagen function. Wrinkles are really a result of minor injuries, and with the use of Activinol, Avon has found a way to treat wrinkles as the micro injuries that they are, to create better results. Gonzalez helped to achieve a new attack to an old problem.
When asked how women in their 20s can take preventative measures in stopping wrinkles, or at least slowing them down, Gonzalez informed me that no age is too young to begin using anti-aging products. He strongly recommended using sunscreen and an anti-aging moisturizer that is beneficial to your skin type. He mentioned that I should look at the top and bottom of my arm, and notice the color difference, and explained that is sun damage. (Try this out!)
With so many beauty products out there promising so many results, Gonzalez assured me that in a few days of using the Avon anti-wrinkle products, I would notice an improvement in fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles, but that the benefits definitely accumulate over time. Avon has products for every woman. For young ladies, they have the Rejuvenate line of products. For women, they offer the Reversalist line, and the Ultimate line for older women, making it possible to age gracefully with the brand. Reversalist, the most current line, took 5 years from inception to creation and distribution by a dedicated team of scientists. Avon employs a large team of scientists in global facilities from different disciplines. The scientists are constantly looking into new research being conducted in a variety of different fields, to bring this knowledge to their product development. Gonzalez himself is a biologist.
As Avon encompasses skincare experts, Gonzalez recommended that to keep skin looking youthful, women should use a broad spectrum sunscreen, which protects against both sunburn and UVA rays as well as an anti-aging moisturizer. And the best part is that Avon presents entire skincare routines for women of all different ages and skin types. From cleansing to treating and finally moisturizing, ANEW from Avon has your entire beauty regimen covered.
There is something that makes beauty products appeal to me even more knowing the amount of scientific research behind it. Avon has been around for years, and some things are true. When a brand does things right, they tend to stay around for quite awhile, and Avon has withstood the test of time, staying on top of skincare trends and keeping women looking their best.
The ANEW Reversalist Illuminating Eye System is $30 and the ANEW Reversalist Day Cream SPF 25 is $32. Both are available as of March 2010 at Avon.

The Love/Avon Army Troops

army of womenLast October Dr. Susan Loveembarked on a new venture and partnered with Avon to further Breast Cancer research; together they formed Army of Women. The objective of this foundation is unprecedented as it seeks to find the cause and prevention of Breast Cancer versus a cure. Army of Women matches doctors with women who have volunteered to participate in breast health studies. For each study an email is sent out to all of the volunteers with a brief description. If the women meet the criteria for the study they have the option to sign up by simply responding to the email.
In the past year Army of Women has recruited almost 312,000 women to volunteer their time and bodies to scientists researching the causes of Breast Cancer. With this brilliant partnership, 14 studies have been launched since last October giving scientists the opportunity to save money for research and process the studies at a much faster rate. In the past it has taken researchers months or years to recruit women for these studies but with Army of Women it speeds the process significantly and matches them within hours or days.
Moving into the second year Army of Women would like to overcome their challenge of recruiting minority women for the study. Thus far the foundation has 94% Caucasian women, 5% Hispanic women and only 1% of other minority women participating. It is also important to get more scientists on board for studies pertaining to healthy women, since it has been discovered that 70% to 80% of women who get breast Cancer have no risk factors. Army of Women seeks to increase their amount of recruits this year to show the doctors and scientists that women are willing to take part in the research. The fact is healthy women want a cure just as bad as the doctors fighting for a cure and the patients already affected.
Every October Pink products are marketed aggressively as a way to get women to support Breast Cancer Awareness but with the current economic status Army of Women offers a new option for advocacy. This opportunity is perfect for those that cannot give monetarily this year and even those who would like to get involved on a deeper level. For more information please visit and join the war against Breast Cancer.
Army of Women Army of Women

Backstage Hair a la Charlotte Ronson Spring 2010

Avon_1AVON Lead stylist Allen Ruiz alongside designer Charlotte Ronson, did the hair look for the Spring 2010 show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.
La inspiration comes via a remake of 80’s style made to mimic a pretty-young-thing of a gal that, “just walked out of dance class at Julliard”, to play off the fabrics and bold designs of Charlotte Ronson.
And why a bun will be all the rage come Spring 2010. According to Ruiz, “Spring is all about wearing your hair up and away from your face. Radiate confidence and positive energy by styling your bun so it looks finished, yet slightly disheveled …a bun creates a youthful, fresh look that is easy to achieve!”
Ruiz’s tips for the look:
Step 1:  Prep hair from root to tip with AVON Advance Techniques Salon Volume Finishing Spray ($3.99) to enhance natural shine and create volume.
Step 2: Using the AVON Advance Techniques Paddle Brush ($12.99) and hair dryer, distribute the Advance Techniques Salon Volume Finishing Spray ($3.99) by sectioning off the hair and blow-drying to ensure that there is a natural, soft texture.
Step 3: Next, gather the hair tight to form a ponytail at the back crown of the head and secure with a ponytail holder keeping all sides flat.
Step 4: Holding hair at the base of the ponytail, twist the hair firmly in one direction to form a kink into a spiral. Secure with bobby pins.
Step 5: On the sides, using the little hairs “muse” the wispy hairs to play up the natural texture.
Step 6: Lightly spray AVON Advance Techniques Hair Spray ($3.99) to complete the style and hold it in place.

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