Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday Savvy: Avon Launches Kids' Clothing Line and Madame Alexander Dolls

Pictured: One of Avon's new holiday outfits with matching Madame Alexander doll and outfit.

Recently, I learned that Avon was launching a new line of kid's clothing for the winter holiday season. I'm always on the look out for age appropriate and stylish clothing for my little niece (who calls herself the recessioniecesta). Sometimes, there are clothes she wants, that I don't want her to be wearing. If you are a mom or a dotting Auntie like me, you know what I am talking about. I'm speaking about the dreaded children's clothing that looks like it could be worn by Britney Spears in one of her stage shows. This is the clothing that you try to talk the child out of buying in the store, but which they frequently cry that they must have. The clothing that makes them looks like they are prematurely ready to go clubbing. This is the kid's clothing that you run from in-store like a bad horror movie.

I'm happy to report that the Avon line is pleasing to both the adult wanting to buy the child something pretty and age appropriate, and to the all important decider, the child. How do I know? Recently, Avon sent me some samples for review. I looked them over for quality and price. Meanwhile, my little niece looked them over to see if she found them fashionable and wearable. The verdict, we both loved them! Her favorite outfit is the black velvet top with matching skirt pictured above. Naturally, we are now ordering the matching Madame Alexander doll in the same outfit for her from Avon. She fell in love with the doll as well as the outfit. Take a look at some more of the absolutely adorable items from the Avon holiday collection for girls.

Pictured: The Avon collection features outerwear as well as holiday dresses. The Recessioniesta loves the little beret with sparkle bow, and the red Paddington Bear like coat (price is $34.99).

Pictured: This fleecy snowflake pullover hoodie top with coordinating lavender leggings provides warm winter wear. This outfit only goes up to size 6x, so it won't fit older girls. The top is $19.99 and the leggings are $14.99.

Pictured: The Avon Girls Ruby Slippers, these little "sparkle flats" are just $9.99
Pictured: Three different Madame Alexander dolls will be available for order soon to compliment the Avon outfits. The dolls will be $49.99. Click here to be notified when the dolls are available.

To see more pieces from the Avon holiday collection for children,click here. Unfortunately, there is only one item available for boys right now, and that is a holiday sweater. Also, not all of the sizes for girls are available in larger sizes, some only go up to size 6. But the bottom line is, if you're looking for some great style selections for kids this holiday season, definitely give Avon a look. The prices are reasonable and the styles are nothing short of adorable.

Pictured: Satisfied Avon customer, the recessioniecesta, in her Avon hat and coat.

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