Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Bendito Sweet Swimwear
This is the most wonderful collection I have ever seen and I’m just so in love! Agua Bendita’s Heavenly Delights 2010 swimwear collection presents an array of tempting artifacts crafted with love!
Bendito Light Swimwear
Inspired by feminine temptations, designers Catalina Alverez and Mariana Hinestroza have shaped their Agua Bendita 2010 swimwear collection Heavenly Delights from all that is delicious and sweet.
Bendito Candy Swimwear
Stand-out styles are Bendita Light swimsuit which features a separate lace panel across the centre; the Bendita Candy swimwear – a pastel printed bikini and ultra feminine Bendita Sweet swimwear. This swimwear 2010 collection is an ideal proposal for vanguardist and young spirited women who like to be noticed and have fun.
Agua Bendita 2010 Swimwear
Agua Bendita swimwear creations move toward cutting edge; sexy, modern and glamorous looks. The quintessential ingredients that are present in all Agua Bendita collections are- youth, color and joy, which are perfect blend to create unique pieces for a heavenly look. We all have temptations and Agua Bendita with it’s Heavenly Delights will become a please for every woman who wants to look hot and sexy!
Agua Bendita Swimwear

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