Sunday, April 10, 2011

Avon's Accessories Amaze, Amuse, Dazzle

Avon was the first company ever to believe in The Advice Sisters and offer me products to review so I have a spot soft in my heart for them. But way back then, I just thought of Avon as a cosmetics, fragrance and hair care company with affordable, unique, well packaged, and cutting-edge skin care, cosmetics.

More recently, Avon has stepped up their game when it comes to affordable, designer fragrances and they have wowed me, too. But if it's possible, even more than all of this, Avon's impressing me with the trendiness and affordability of their fashion accessories. That's right -- Avon isn't just face and body -- their lineup of seasonal offerings outfits you from head to toe, hats to shoes , belts, bags and bracelets, and everything in between.

Here are some of my Avon jewelry top picks for right now.Which ones do you like the best?
Coral is the quintessential Summer accessory. But the real thing is expensive and fragile. However, Avon's Coral Colored Cabochon Stretch Bangle Bracelet $24.99 gives you the look, for a lot less. The bangle looks solid, but it has a secret! It actually fits together thanks to a strong stretch cord, allowing the bracelet to slide easily over the wrist. This one-size-fits all bracelet should fit most wrists, and adds a gorgeous pop of color to any outfit. This is my favorite piece in the Avon Summer offerings so far because it's beautifully made and looks expensive. No one will know your secret (when you get compliments on this one, just say: "thank you").
Go glitzy with a statement bracelet that's easy to wear, and affordable to own. This chunky, Clear Bangle Bracelet with Faceted Faux Stone Accents is trendy, and it's just $14.99! The hinged cuff has a magnetic closure, so it stays shut and looks like a solid piece. Since it's clear, it will go with everything you own - fun to dress up your wrist for a wedding, perhaps. It's so go-with-everything than you can even dress it down and wear it with your swimwear, as long as you don't dunk it in the pool.

love watches -- they're so much more than just a way to tell the time -- they're a justifiable, fashion accessory. Avon's Gruen Colorful Two-Tone Strap Watches $34.99 are not just quality timepieces, they're adorable! The clear, white, oversized dials with bright, wide, bands, remind me of the pop watches of the 70's. Silvertone cases and 9" straps mean they'll fit just about everyone. This is a great way to add some personality to a dress down Friday outfit, and I defy you to get just one! The price is amazing, and Gruen makes reliable watches that will last for a long, long time. They're a worthy investment that won't break your budget.

I admired these Cluster Drop Earrings on a stylish woman I know, thinking she must have spent a fortune for them in a pricey boutique. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that she got them from Avon for just $9.99! Yes! amazing! These beautiful drop earrings look heavy and expensive, but they're super-lightweight and easy to wear and cost less than half a week's worth of lattes! They come in white, turquoise or coral. They're nickel free ear wires (in case you have nickel dermatitis) and the ear wires have surgical steel wires so they won't turn green on you. These have got to be the buy of the Summer...but there are limited supplies so get yours while you can!

This is a bad photo of my second most favorite earrings: Avon's Bright Chandelier Hoop Earrings in either hot pink, orange, or yellow (also just $9.99). These huge, goldtone double hoops have rows of tiny opaque and clear faceted dangles sparkling and swaying merrily back and forth as you move. A french clip earwire keeps them secure on your ears. They are super-big, but they're lightweight, so you can wear them comfortably. They definitely make a statement!

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